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ThisCap Logo
ThisCap is an Internationally Patented Beverage and Chemical Tethered Bottle Cap that remains connected to its container after opening and throughout its life from birth to the recycling center.
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ThisCap Inc.

352 Legacy Dr.
Henderson, Nevada 89014

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352 Legacy Dr.
Henderson, Nevada 89014

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Can ThisCap's design be applied to any cap:
Yes, ThisCap's design can be applied to any cap of any diameter and height that utilizes a tamper evident ring.

Will we need new injection molds:
Since ThisCap utilizes your existing cap, no new molds will be necessary. We simply modify the blade in your slitting tool to incorporate ThisCap's innovative feature and your cap becomes ThisCap.

Can ThisCap be used with all beverage types:
Yes, ThisCap can be used with all beverage types including Carbonated, Hotfill, Etc.. Since we are using your existing cap, anywhere it can be used, ThisCap can be used.

Can ThisCap be used on chemical and cooking products: Yes, if your current cap has a tamper evident ring, then ThisCap's feature can be applied and used for your product container.

Does ThisCap cost more to maunfacture:
No, the manufacturing cost of ThisCap is exactly the same as your current cap because we are using your current cap with only a slight modification.

How many plastic bottle caps are opened everyday: World Wide in the beverage industry there are more than 6.5 billion plastic bottle caps opened daily. In the chemical industry there are an additional 700 million caps opened daily.

Are plastic bottle caps recyclable:
Absolutely! Most plastic bottle caps are made of polypropylene, one of the most sought after post use plastics.

How many plastic caps are currently recycled daily:
Sadly, less than 10% of plastic bottle caps are recycled daily. This means that more than 5.8 billion caps are not recycled daily and are allowed to enter Earth's seas and wildlife habitats.